Wisconsin | Demolishing Democracy, A Cheap Trick

By Andy Whorehall

Hideaway Your Power to Vote:  One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.Plato


93,000 people and counting seem to love this video above. The locals really love it, and a few nationwide media outlets picked up on it. I’ve been trying hard not to cover this, pretending to be dead with my friend El Doug. What did I learn watching this? Nothing. Wait. I learned something I already knew again; Rick Nielsen could sell Satan’s biography as a political endorsement for anyone and the locals would eat it. It does feature some nice comments about Sock Monkey Sound’s hometown, Rockford, IL—and it was made by people I respect.  Still, it features Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick which I believe is the only reason many people watched this.

It’s a Rockford marketing gimmick.  When all else fails, mention Cheap Trick.  It’s pathetic and lazy too.  In this case, the commercial, it works as a marketing ploy quite well; but it also plays up a safe, conservative, cheap marketing trick to fool the viewer and listener from really getting to the dark heart and truth of the issues it dances with.

On the surface, Rockford, IL, can best serve Wisconsin Senators on benders (that are fighting for their state’s rights) by offering them a place to hide, play, and spend their state’s money here (while they play hooky from paying jobs they have). Afterall, in Rockford, working, having jobs, isn’t quite our specialty anymore. (Please, come here to Rockford, IL, where we have the most unemployed people in the state not to mention nationwide. You’ll fit right in, plenty of bars and churches to hideaway in.  Charlie Sheen, while I’m at it- come on over to Rockford too and hideaway with us?) To the whiners, elitists and those delusional from too much positive thinking (poor is not cool), this is not negative in its intentions, this is the cold truth. Hideaway the truth, Rockford, IL; or the northern province (as referred to by John Oliver on The Daily Show, Monday, March 7th).  Somehow again, Rockford, IL, is connected to what is not right about this country.  The death of an Industrial city that now markets on behalf of the death of Democracy in Wisconsin. A tragic comedy in 2 parts.

A funny thing happened in Wisconsin tonight.  Democracy took a swift blow to the head, stomach, and the heart. The heart of the midwest, and the heart of America- what’s left of it right now is yet to be seen.  Picking up similar criminal traits previous Illinois governors and leaders have practiced for decades, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin proceeded to make moves on stripping public workers (teachers, etc.) of their collective bargaining rights. Regardless of what you think of unions, or what I think of unions (many whiners, few winners), the governor of Illino- oops- Wisconsin, moved forward on his budget cut bill minus the 14 Senator Democrats enjoying their out-of-state plight in the name of Democracy.  Democracy doesn’t matter to the GOP.  Gov. Walker along with their party’s recent poster boy, Congressman Paul Ryan, have proven their actions are  party driven, not people driven.

That is the true crime- the demolition of democracy was thrown down like a pile driver on every American from Madison, Wisconsin.  Unlike Illinois where corruption and delusional leadership has run so rampant for decades that we believe it’s normal, I don’t expect Wisconsin to be quiet about this ruse like it’s neighbor’s state has behaved.  We, Illinois, are like a herd of depressed, positively delusional, pathetic, over worked, over taxed minions who take more pride and time in luring other state’s Senators on policy benders to vacate in economically depressed cities like Rockford, IL.  When we should be standing up and yelling right back at our own state leaders too- or easier, at Wisconsin’s senators, Get back to your f*cking state and do your job- at least you have one.  Them being here, does not help us create more jobs- MYTH. Illinois is a state raised on myths, crime, and corn along with complacent cows and corrupt pigs.

The bill in Wisconsin is going to pass, and there will be action by the working class, the unions, teachers, public workers. They will fight and fight unlike Illinois, but there’s a core problem to address; the power of the vote. A few important facts point out that the common man and woman, those with the power to vote nationwide, took their own personal rights for granted last November when the House of Representatives was turned over to the GOP by the power of the vote.  It was a bold move the American people made, not the GOP.  It was done like this:

1.  Brains, collectively, fail.
2.  Eyes, collectively, fail.
3.  Ears, collectively, fail.
4.  Hands, collectively, fail.
5.  Vote, collectively, succeed to fail and vice versa
6.  Refer to #1 above, start there, re-educate.

The list goes on.  The power of the vote deserves respect, responsibility, and research before the act and not after.  Many Americans, Wisconsin in this case, forgot I guess.  It comes down to some core skills we’re taught as children in grade school to formulate original thought, in return, maybe a little intelligence is rewarded for the hard work. Many Americans have forgotten how to read let alone formulate a decision based on facts or reason.  Then, to make responsible decisions.  Wisconsin, you failed yourself last November.  America, are you watching? Reading? Listening?  It’s pretty scary, it’s happening right here in the heartland. To the people of Wisconsin, I commend you for standing up and yelling.  I can not say the same for Illinois.  We want you to hideaway here.  Come on, hideaway your blues with us?

We used to be a nation of dreamers, workers, leaders- we are not that I fear.  We are not what my grandfather fought for. If he were alive, he would be pissed, looking for an argument, a fight, angry, and then a laugh with fellow citizens, right there with the public workers of Wisconsin, fighting for the rights of the common man and woman.  We are now a nation of whiny failures, myself included.

width=550As for the GOP and their new wonderboy, Paul Ryan, the party was dead in the water and feeding off of it’s spin off show last fall, The Tea Party.  Meanwhile, the Democrats have proven time and time again that they are easily manipulated, weak, unable to acknowledge that the GOP fights for their party or other countries controlled interests, and not for the American people anymore.  It’s time for people to get pissed and educated regardless of party interests.  (Refer to the numbered pointers far above.)  In Wisconsin, the GOP is alive, breathing, and destroying democracy at any cost now.  Can you blame them? No. The power of the vote is like a swinging door; don’t get caught standing there wondering what you just did or didn’t do with your vote last November.  The responsibility is all ours, America, and still there’s so much to learn from our own actions or lack of- again and again and again.

The power of the vote just did a 180 on Wisconsin.  I hate to say it, Wisconsin is only the beginning and more states will follow their lead to correct bad math at the expense of the working class.  Cities like Rockford, IL will continue to market cheap tricks on behalf of socio-economic & demographic survival. What happened across the border to my neighbor state was a constitutional blow to the idea of Democracy.  Whether you take my minion advice or that of Plato’s, maybe a hideaway in Rockford, IL isn’t that bad.  Afterall, we’ve already been educated quite well for decades on the idealisms of collective deceit and corruption at the expense of the working class.

From the heartland, they reap what you sow.
The hogs are in harvest.


Wisconsin | Demolishing Democracy, A Cheap TrickAndy Whorehall

10 comments on "Wisconsin | Demolishing Democracy, A Cheap Trick"

  1. The only thing I disagree with is the stance on WI senators fleeing the state… to my knowledge, this bill was proposed roughly three days (maybe I'm not getting the exact time right but it was certainly less than a week) before going to vote. Typically, bills (let alone ones that have this much baggage and carry this much "reform") are debated on and sold to the constituents for months (I heard a figure of six months, so lets stick with that). Six days verses the typical six months.
    So, not only was this a massively destructive bill, which you do acknowledge, the people of WI fucked themselves so royally last november that there was literally nothing the democratic senators could do about it passing. Under quorum, which only required one democrat senator to be present at the time of voting, it would have passed under no debate, no explanation, and no protest. No CHANCE for a protest.
    Maybe you personally saw a bunch of hammered senators in Rockford and it pissed you off. I understand that. However, if these guys hadn't fled, the legislation would have passed instantly. We maybe never would have heard about it, at least not to this degree. The people of Madison, LaCrosse, Milwaukee, and other cities of Wisonsin would have had no voice; they would not have gotten to voice their concern. I never would have protested it here in Illinois two saturdays ago with a group of hundreds (if not into a thousand) in Chicago who were just as mad as the people of Wisconsin.

  2. Side note, I have been unemployed since June of last year, but the idea that "I don't have a job and these guys do but they are not doing it," feels short sided. This isn't an employment issue, which is ironic seeing as that was the platform these people used… the same people who are not pretty much literally attacking those that are employed; this is an issue of democracy and of unprecedented abuse of power.
    It's not the Healthcare Reform Bill (referred to as "Obamacare" by clods the world over) where people at least had a CHANCE to scream and shout down senators trying to explain the bill to people who wouldn't hear it… this is a vendetta owned by Walker for years and something he attempted to ram through the process.

  3. I'm wondering if this editorial was more about turning lemons into lemonade? It was a clever idea to turn Wisconsin's misfortune into a tourism plug for the city of Rockford. But it evidently does come at a price that some people are choosing to ignore.

    Here's an interesting article I saw: http://www.good.is/post/does-scott-walker-know-th

  4. @Paul- anger on all fronts. Thank you for commenting.
    People forget how powerful the vote is til the fan blows the sh*t right back.
    @Chip- I stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown, and caught a cab to Taco Bell. Vacating is downtown RFD is very profitable.

    ; )


  5. Wow … you guys are so friggin' paranoid … er, delusional. Yeah, politics is politics. So what? I can't even begin to comprehend where your conspiracy theories are coming from. Is it so hard to take the 'Hideaway In Rockford' videos for what they are? Good, clean fun. Geez … lighten up!

    • Cheryl, I can definitely see the humor in the add and from a marketing perspective it is a great idea. I'm just thinking there are some folks in Wisconsin who don't find it funny.

    • Paranoid, nah. Humored, you bet- but not by those commercials.
      Humor is earned, well written, not well timed and pandered in favor of city pride.
      These commercials pander to conservatives, Cheap Trick fans, and overall… complacency.
      Clean fun is not funny unless you're referring to a few "Everybody loves Raymond" episodes. That's clean funny, well written too.
      Sidenote. Thanks for reading, bottom line, math, hits, hideaway your paranoid, what I didn't write could be worse, funnier, still true.
      Rick Nielsen, politicians wandering downtown, Rockford, are not funny.

      Hide your love away, Cheryl, Rockford is going to break your heart whether you want it to or not.


  6. It was painful to watch it all unfold in WI. I was astounded that amidst all of the protests from the people – that's what democracy is about, right?..representing the people and their voice? – of Madison and elsewhere, Scott Walker (a disgrace to the beacon of light mad scientist musician, Scott Walker) and the WI GOP did what they wanted anyway. I'd love to know whose back pockets they're in. Unions aren't perfect, but they do provide a unified front against the kind of nonsense that was allowed to happen over the last couple of days. Un-fucking-believable! All of it makes me furious.

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