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width=300TV On The Radio
Nine Types of Light
TOTR’s latest is softer than previous releases.  Beautiful emotional introspection dressed up by soulful, electro-pop production, You and Will Do anchor a record that’s carefully crafted and performed.  Killer Crane with it’s beautiful wandering arrangement could have been made in a bedroom around sun-up; this record emotional gravity lets me believe that. Take Prince, and Peter Gabriel’s heavy influence, toss them in a TOTR blender and the results are all their own.  Punk soul rockers are still present-and danceable-with Caffeinated Consciousness, New Cannonball Blues and Repetition; but overall, TOTR has channeled into something deeper.  Nine Types of Light is an adventurous, soulfully rewarding pop record that will work its way into many peoples heads and hearts. This one will love, fuck, and hold you tight every time.

width=300 Jonny
Debut indie supergroup release by Teenage Fanclub and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Norman Blake and Euros Childs, contains exactly what you’d assume based on your prior knowledge and enjoyments of each artist’s respective bands.  Sunny, sombre melodies, tight harmonies and 70s A.M. pop/folk influenced songs like Candyfloss, Circling the Sun and English Lady work better than the band’s attempts at nostalgia rock in Goldmine. Jonny nods to the Kinks/Zombies/Who with the one-two song punch of Bread into Cave Dance; but it comes off to be more annoying than enjoyable after repeated listens.  For as many golden moments such as the country-folk rock flavored I’ll Make Her My Best Friend, there seems to be plain aftertaste left by song moments that don’t always work. Two words I regret using to describe any band’s record come to life more often than I’d them too- this is a nice, safe debut. Do it with caution, but don’t feel bad if you accidently fall asleep trying to find the right groove.


width=300Cameron McGill & What Army
Is a Beast
Manic, fierce, fragile and literate rock n’ roll. Is A Beast is McGIll’s 5th release, and first full-on with this band lineup.  Every song packs a poet’s twisted pop-punch with a lyrical left hook. The record’s heartbeat (one of many that come in the shape of horns, strings, and more) comes sans band on IAB’s centerpiece, Sad Ambassador.  12 solid songs that live up to and beyond it’s own title. McGill’s classy compositions deserves to be heard by more, so do it, listen; then hold it, let go, and share. This beast needs to go viral, shared and enjoyed by all.




TV On The Radio, Jonny, Cameron McGill & What ArmyAndy Whorehall

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