Mana Kintorso – Frisbees Love Fishes {E.P.}


Damion Davis, singer-songwriter, of Mana Kintorso, and his band mates have been working on a full length with Micky Rosenquist (Miles Nielsen, Cameron McGill, Snaggs, Cory Chisel, etc.) at his Rockford, IL, area studio for the better part of 2011.  They’ve recently released an advance 3-song E.P. titled, Frisbees Love Fishes, featuring should-be-hit, Fishes R Vicious.

Mana Kintorso – Fishes R Vicious

Davis and bandmate, Brent Shelton, write quirky little pop-rock nuggets.  Artistic results varies between playful prose and domestic nonsense; offset by perverted childrens songs written for adults longing for pop-radio benders.  Fishes R Vicious off the aforementioned E.P should be a hit, but it’s 2011.  It’s a perfect, brief (2:29), balance between poetic blabber and the long lost art of crafting a radio hit.  Fishes R Vicious fits in nicely between the B-52s and Fountains of Wayne, though entirely their own sound, stuck somewhere between the dials of 1984 and 1994. Fertile years for quirky, indie pop-rock hits.

Davis sings, The more vicious the fishes, the more delicious the fishes! while psychedelic gluttony takes over, Getting torn apart by man-eating fishes! Tearing me apart these japanese fishes! Allusions to sex, violence and hot love combat through-out the stellar E.P.. On the sensitive, hallmark card-titled, I Love You, Davis threatens his lover with I could set your face on fire… and  I could rip out your insides…, offering solace each time just by staring you directly in the eye when you press your lips to mine. Mana Kintorso wants to be your lover, friend and Japanese fish fighter.

Fishes are vicious, yes.
There’s delicious stuff here and more to come.


Mana Kintorso - Frisbees Love Fishes {E.P.}Andy Whorehall

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