Lizard Skynard – Space eels touched down.

Lizard Skynard

Live @ Krypto, Rockford, IL

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Lizard Skynard / Live @ Kryptonite, Rockford, IL / 07.01.2010

Lizard Skynard performed their first live performance as a 5- piece band before a crowded room of wannabe music nerds in Rockford, IL the first of July, 2010.  The Austin, TX, via Chicago to Rockford, IL electrometal band brought all reasons to NOT doubt them to the table.  A tattooed, physically manipulated frontman matched by a monstrous rhythm section pushed this listener / viewer’s experience to a level of appreciation once reserved for bands accidently caught live in larger cities in long ago times.   Imagine the Deftones with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine as dead serious as you can be in a band on your own in America, 2010.

There is no treatment, there is no cure as Lizardman scientifically professes live from, Bell & Syndrome, is as close as you’ll get to a marriage between 1980s speed metal, mid 90s angst and 2010 space metal.  The wash of feedback is massive, the drum rolls are jah-retarded (in a good way if it matters) and the bass is the hammer to the nail in the head that crashes on in, slow and deep.

Lizardman, the perfect frontman / performance artist / poet is hard to take your eyes off of, often staring down and gazing over  the crowd with an uncomfortable smile as the band tries to fool you into thinking they’re the backdrop to this act— while failing.  Perfectly failing.

Lizard Skynard is a ferocious band with or without the Lizardman, often providing the perfect score to an unaired live documentary.  If further proof needs validation, hearing Space Eels live off of their recently, self-titled, debut that night — proved no validation was needed.  A spaghetti western-sci-fi metal anthem destined to be. Hearing this live rattled any doubts I had thinking this was Lizardman’s band.   This is a band of 5 guys creating very serious, well orchestrated noise as if their lives depended on each second put out, from here on out.title=Lizard

Sure, this is a band with a Lizardman (it’s a foil, he’s a smart-ass, well-educated, sweetheart underneath it all and too smart for this f*cking planet- it’s obvious)- that’s the catch and he’s a wonder to watch and listen to, however;  this is a poet and entertainer, with a ferocious, well-oiled and classically trained, punk band ready to rip your f*cking brain outta your skull.

Do not miss Lizard Skynard live.

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Lizard Skynard - Space eels touched down.Andy Whorehall

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