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  1. Episode 14: Fallin' Out Songs About Stuff & Things Podcast

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Season 2 premier of Andy & Reggie’s Songs About Stuff and Things Radio Hour.  Andy, Reggie, Lord Thomas Derby, and special guest, Sean Lippy, kick off season 2, Fallin’ Out, with songs by Cannonball Adderley, Nas, Eazy-E, Uncle Tupelo, CCR, The Kinks, Blur, Oasis and more.  Sean and Lord Derby tell us a nice story about their monster buck hunting experience from last fall, as they prepare for another season of hunting.  

Season 2 Premier | Episode 14 Playlist

1. Cannonball Adderley – Autumn Leaves
2. Cory Chisel & Lord Thom Derby & The Wandering Sons – Honest Man Blues
3. Van Halen – Big Bad Bill
4. Nas – Memory Lane
5. Blur – Yuko & Hiro
6. Oasis – Mucky Fingers
7. Eazy-E – Eazy-Duz-It
8. Uncle Tupelo – No Sense In Lovin’
9. Uncle Tupelo – Steal The Crumbs
10. Creedence Clearwater Revival – It’s Just a Thought
11. The Kinks – Strangers

Episode 14 Credits
Created & Produced by: Andy Whorehall
Executive Producer: Lord Thomas Derby
Written by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Lord Thom Derby, Sean Lippy
Song Selections by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds
Guest Narratives: Lord Thomas Derby, Sean Lippy
Episode Sponsors: Derby | Reynolds, RKFDnews.com
Episode Shoutouts: Monster Bucks

Fallin' OutAndy Whorehall

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