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width=200Channeling the spirit of Jeff Buckley high on 1980’s chamber rock and the power of the Fender Telecaster set to a decent amount of reverb, Anna Calvi‘s debut self titled record is the fly on the wall that captures the next great record by a relatively unknown raw talent stateside. Slowly building a cult following in the UK since 2009 with various singles  and one -off performances, the guitar instrumental lead off that is Rider to the Sea to the chanting No More Words into the should be 80s goth-college–rock influenced anthem, Desire, introduces Calvi  as raw, majestic, bombastic and proud new voice that’s still somewhat familiar and rooted in her influences (PJ Harvey), while vicious as fuck on her own and seeking her own sound. If the telecaster was ready for an old school reinvention on record, this is it.

What sets apart Calvi from other female singer songwriters is her guitar playing. She is nasty. She is emotional. She is religion. She is good. She is evil. She is hope.  She is Rock N’ Roll’s new queen whether she likes it or not.   See the closer for proof; Love Won’t Be Leaving is a cinematic score unto itself.  First We Kiss, The Devil, Blackout and the album’s ride out from there on will convince you this is the sound of a great new voice, talent, in rock in rock n’ roll that should be feared and embraced.

The debut record by Ms. Calvi is rock n’ roll at its core, scary, sexy, romantic, beautiful and evil- as rock n’ roll was devised to be. Take I’ll Be Your Man by Ms. Calvi as your hint, this bitch* wants to be played loud and rightfully you should. Do it, this record deserves the darkest nights and most doubtful days.



*meant with the utmost respect – Ed.

Anna Calvi - Anna CalviAndy Whorehall

4 comments on "Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi"

  1. jojowrinkles on

    She is pretty good, but where is Donkeyboy 2011!

  2. I will buy this album.

  3. She is o.k., but the new Richard Buckner record is exceptional!

  4. Lyle ALZADO- nice!
    I think I know you!
    the new Buckner is great, yes, as is this.
    Cheers yawl…. sidenote: I meant "bitch" in the nicest, pseudo-hillbilly-gangster way in reference to the record-
    My hillbillybonics gets a bit out of hand sometimes- I can't apologize as my intent was pure.

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