Wilco “The Whole Love” – Art, songs, stuff

Wilco releases album cover art, title and song titles for their 8th full-length, due out September 27th, 2011.


Wilco‘s recovery from The Album (aka The Lazy, Contract Fulfiller We Turned In To Casually Move On With Our Careers) begins with the self-released I Might, a 45 single due out in July, followed by a formal release of their 8th full-length record, The Whole Love on September 27th. Each being released on their own label, dBpm Records: first mentioned by Jeff Tweedy about 10 years ago referencing post-YHF recordings. Some of those recordings are included on Wilco The Book (aka The Wilco Book). They were recorded sans late, great, Jay Bennett, while the Wilco machine awaited a delayed release through the marketing fiasco that became Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (coincidentally caught on film and edited to tell a 1-sided story by Sam Jones that became I Am Trying To Break Your Heart). Marketing & coincidences, Wilco in the 2000s became a very successful, touring and recording operation while Jay Bennett’s contributions to Wilco has been missed for quite some time.

width=300Artwork and song titles are all we have for now; and because I casually judge my books & records by their covers as well as the content, here’s hoping The Whole Love record shapes up sounding more like the 45 art, sketchy and blue.  Song titles released include:

Art of Almost
I Might
Dawned On Me
Black Moon
Born Alone
Open Mind
Capitol City
Standing O
Rising Red Lung
Whole Love
One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend

Apples and oranges, Wilco and coffee. Marketing & coincidences.
Enjoy the b-side to the first single from I Might, a cover of Nick Lowe’s, I Love My Label. (You should, Wilco, you should— it’s your label now.)


Wilco "The Whole Love" - Art, songs, stuffAndy Whorehall

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  1. I'm very optimistic after hearing I Might. Or maybe I'm just a homer. I love the art for the single. Any guesses on the artist?

    • By the way, I kept trying to login from twitter and it kept asking me to authorize the app, which I did but never was able to login from twitter. And the facebook button wasn't clickable. Just FYI. I'm okay with my grayscale face for now.

    • Same here, it definitely has a bit more hop than what was released on the last record, which was formula. Bad Wilco is still better than most/all bands… it’s hard to hear a formula and ignore it after awhile which I feel they found for the last 10 years and crammed it on home. The blue 45 is on its way here and the Lowe cover is a nice touch. Flipside, it’s already been nice growing up with Tupelo/Volt/Wilco… now it’s going to be nice growing old with Wilco running their own label. Cheers, Jeff, and thanks for reading!

      • Couldn't agree more. I mean it's got to be better than The Album. If not, I'm going to start following Spencer. The kid's got a future, I think! (Also, since I couldn't sign it, it's me, your Borders pal….you know, you introduced me to Wilco by giving me a tape of Being There and a bunch of b-sides and live stuff…they've been my favorite band ever since. I might have to name a son after you, Andy)

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