The Pernice Brothers – Goodbye, Killer

width=300We even like the smart ass kids that shout out ‘Free Bird’ in my face. Love is love and we love the stage. – from ‘We love the Stage’ by The Pernice Brothers.

By Andrew Whorehall

Joe Pernice has made a career out of nothing being sweet, ironic, intelligent.  He is one of indie rock’s great appreciated songwriters, and simultaneously (un-ironically), one of  America’s great under-appreciated songwriters.  Specializing in Americana, folk, rock, power pop, Joe Pernice has bridged the gap between his 90’s alt-country rock band, Scud Mountain Boys, and the various monikers he’s travelled creatively within the past 15 years, often delivering the same message- smart pop songs & well written.  (Imagine Will Oldham being surgery and there ya go, Joe Pernice;  now imagine Joe Pernice being bluesey bonkers and there ya go in return- both great.)  Goodbye, Killer is the latest offering, blurring the best of each phase of what is now, a middle aged, colorful career.

AM country rock, 70s power pop, 90s brit pop, everything that attracts fans of the Burrito Brothers, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub and the Byrds are scarred through out ‘Killer.’  This latest offering doesn’t offer anything new in the Pernice Brothers canon- but that’s a good thing.  As the owner of one of indie rock’s great record stores put it to me when I asked, Is this Pernice Brothers record more of the same? (B-Sides, in Madison, WI) he intelligently advised me & now you, Yeah… but I like more of the same.  Joe Pernice doesn’t put out a bad record.  Agreed.

Check out highlights, We Love the Stage, and a killer, country rock beauty, Newport News.  Mmm, more of the same is still better than all the rest.  Get right with Joe Pernice’s latest offering, it’s a thing of beauty.


The Pernice Brothers - Goodbye, KillerAndy Whorehall

3 comments on "The Pernice Brothers – Goodbye, Killer"

  1. I love this record and I love Pernice's whole catalog.

  2. I have to check this out.

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