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  1. Episode 19: The Midwest Sound Songs About Stuff & Things Podcast

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Episode 19, The Midwest Sound
This episode features artists and songs centered around the Rockford, IL area region. Note: No Cheap Trick is featured on this episode.  Warning:  Deep cuts, naughty language and go f*ck yourselves to an entire northern IL region are aplenty. Lord Derby takes the lead vocal on a few songs and more.

Season 2  | Episode 19 Playlist

1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Winterlong
2. La Historia – Wrong Things Right
3. Marvin Tate – If You See Jesus
4. Mana Kintorso – Queen of the Neighborhood
5. Chicago – Where Do We Go From Here
6. Aorta – What’s In My Mind’s Eye
7a. Lord Thomas Derby – Mister Meerasaké:  Chapter 1
7b. Heroic Doses – Married To The Scene
8. Judah The Lyrical Rev – The Rockford Files
9. Xen – Man’s World
10. Black Lung – Just Like Heaven
11. Lizard Skynard – Yazzmaster
12. Black Squirrel – The Story of Edgar
13. Michelle Williams – The Greatest (Jason Nevins Remix)
14. Lord Thomas Derby & Cory Chisel with The Wandering Sons – I Wish I Had Known
15.  Derek Luttrell – Lonesome
16. E.I.E.I.O. – This Time
17. JBe & Bill Dolan – Ferment The Taste (Instrumental Under Narration)
18. Trenchmouth – A Man Without Lungs
19. Liz Phair – Stratford-On-Guy
20. Pete Yorn – On Your Side
21. Red Red Meat – Rosewood, Stax, Volts and Glitter
22. Bloom – Breeze
23. Table & Chairs – Shedding Light
24. The Braves – O’ Vira
25. The Flying Lüttenbachers – Tiamet en Arc
26. NOFX – The Decline
27. ON AN ON – Panic
28. Dane Penn – Red Pearls
29. Lord Thomas Derby – Lord Thomas Derby’s 115th Dream
30. My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult – Sexplosion
31. Matt Ulery – To Lose Your Mind
32. My God The Heat – The Continuing Decline Of Customer Service In The Food And Beverage Industry

Episode 19 Credits
Created & Produced by: Andy Whorehall
Executive Producer: Lord Thomas Derby
Written by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Lord Thom Derby
Song Selections by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Lord Derby, Jaime Connelly, Jon Weber
Episode Sponsors: Derby | Reynolds,
Episode Shoutouts: Brad Wood, Cory Chisel, Cheeses Crust, Lord Thomas Derby, Mayor Larry Morrissey, Cheap Truck

© 2013 Written by Andy Whorehall, Dave DeCastris and Lord Thomas Derby. Performed By Andy Whorehall, Lord Thomas Derby, Reggie Railroad Reynolds.  

AW  |  Andy Whorehall

The Midwest SoundAndy Whorehall

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