Super Pussy Gold



Live at Kryptonite, Rockford, IL

Rockford, IL’s Super Pussy Gold is Lizard Skynard minus Austin’s Lizard Man. Led by sonic alchemist, composer and lead guitarist, Jason Mossy Orenthal Vaughn, SPG blazed through 40 minutes of mostly instrumental compositions, focusing on texture and proficiency more than song messages and meaning.  Eric Reginald Railroad Vaugn’s shrill synth served up stabbing high pitched punctuations between his band mates rhythmic wall of sound, driven by Cousin Jonny Wennington’s drums.  Russell Franklin Delano Gillespie’s bass was as loud as he and Orenthal Vaughn’s Hawaiian shirts.  Each double teamed the ‘lead man’ role with a barrage of pedal effects abused to perfection on indecipherable vocals, serving as a cross-hybrid between The Deftones, anthropomorphic chipmunks returning from space to take over mankind after devouring their leader, Alvin, and Mogwai– but creepier and heavier.



Songs from Lizard Skynard’s 2010 debut full length were performed without missing it’s beat poet-punk amphibian leader’s presence; SPG is it’s own musical monster without him performing.  New songs (from a forthcoming 2012 record), Rise, Romans, Rise and Aardvark, rely on imagination and moods more than words and performance art antics.  Vaughn’s compositions could pass as the soundtrack to a documentary about an American city in ruins awaiting it’s inevitable collapse to chaos, animals, aliens- anything.   It wasn’t difficult to close my eyes and imagine Rockford, IL – a city that’s economically, mentally, and physically weak enough to be 1 natural disaster away from possibly being ruled a Federal Disaster Emergency Area- from going up in fire to the tunes of SPG performing overhead; prison yard or war time speaker style.

Righteous, evil, apocalyptic, freaky and delicious, their live performance is exactly what their band name suggests:

Super Pussy Gold

AW  |  Andy Whorehall

Super Pussy GoldAndy Whorehall

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