“Stars” by Fun.

Another Space Song

There are so many wonderful parts to this song that words, everywhere to be found on the intardenet these days, could accommodate.  Stars can be heard as the conclusion on Fun.‘s 2012 full length, Some Nights.  It’s a perfect, strangely accessible pop song produced and written by Jeff Bhasker with Fun..

Orchestra arrangements float under hip hop, dance-rock beats for 6 minutes plus, delivering the song’s extra life with each repeat listen.  French horns, violins, cellos, and trombone to name a few, are mixed and arranged to perfection by Bhasker.

width=200A children’s choir makes an appearance as well but the key ingredient to this song’s magic is lead-singer Nate Ruess’ performance.  It’s not like he needs the auto-tune effect as evidenced by his previous band’s work, The Format, or the rest of the confectionary songs on Some Nights.  He’s a young pop singer that evokes classic rock memories of Freddie Mercury, with ‘something’ very modern in his vocal performance approach.

That ‘something’ modern is a vocal approach that many wanna-be R&B white boy pop singers would pathetically / proudly attempt on musically poisonous TV shows such as American Idol, Glee, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, X-Factor and other sh***y, culturally corrupt shows that America tunes into. I’m typically put off by songs and wanna-be-stars who produce music with the intention to accommodate the ears of millions of soccer moms or ‘desperate for cultural awareness’ teens— but this is different.

The use of auto-tune as an instrument with Ruess’ vocal is dead-on wonderful.  Everything that Cher, T-Pain, Shania Twain, and many more commercially successful puppets have monopolized from — or experimented with to some sort of artistic success like Kanye and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) — is used by Ruess with a full understanding of making this song, Stars, with all of it’s performers, one of 2012’s best performed, recorded and produced pop songs.

Is this worth sharing with y’all?  (These words. Words, words, words about music everywhere on the intardenet these days.) Probably not, but here ya’ go.


"Stars" by Fun.Andy Whorehall

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