Sound Team – Work

I proposed hammers

with multi-colored handles

inner child grips tight

Austin, Texas indie rock heroes Sound Team released this vibrant, urgency laced five song EP in 2005, before their self-noted disastrous full-length affair with Capital Records in 2006.  The intro and second song punch of “Fastest Man Alive” to “It’s Obvious What’s Happening Here” will burn your ears to a repeat. “Orange Bird” is the best song that no one in a rock band from New York City in the 2000s had the balls to write– see The Strokes.  The 3:00 mark of “In The Dark No One Can Hear You Sweat” might prove one human or not. Goosebumps certified when the band shifts gears to a two minute rocking build of an outro.

Sound Team was one of indie rock’s ‘Next Big Band’s in the 2000s, highlighted by the fact they were invited to open for Arcade Fire and David Bowie in Central Park.  They broke up in 2007 but not without leaving behind some of the 2000s most vital unheard-of rock music. Start here with the Work EP and then dive deep into the rabbit hole with Bill Baird, one of the band’s founding members who’s still recording and releasing brilliant music on his own terms.  It’s beautiful stuff that time is going to be very kind to.

I feel ashamed for not having heard the Work EP sooner in life.

Andy Whorehall


Andy Whorehall (SM)
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Sound Team - WorkAndy Whorehall

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