Miles Nielsen and Dan McMahon, help ‘score’ film deal with The Weinstein Company

width=224Rockford, IL natives and past Sock Monkey Sound guests of our podcast, Miles Nielsen and Daniel J. McMahon, scored the music to a documentary that premiered at SXSW this week.  Undefeated, was made by Rockford, IL native, Daniel Lindsay with his film’s tagteam partner, T.J. Martin. It premiered Sunday night at SXSW and after an all night bidding game- The Weinstein Company walked away with it… yes.

Nielsen and McMahon, in between touring with their own bands and projects (Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, Cameron McGill & What Army, Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons, the list is long for them-etc.) had been working on the score for the past few months until the beginning of this month for its SXSW premier.


Regardless of what this means for the film and when it sees the light of day, we want to congratulate our local musicians for their continued hard work they put out into the world. Most local musicians projects, as well as any news coming from any sector of Rockford, IL, are rarely associated with this kind of good news attached to a project. We are beyond proud of you and all involved; but to Dan, Miles and another Rockford native, Dan- we at SMS headquarters can afford the right to say to you without an elitist’s restraint or an editor’s eyes, we are very fucking proud of you. : )

Read more about the deal that was made after its SXSW here.
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Miles Nielsen and Dan McMahon, help 'score' film deal with The Weinstein CompanyAndy Whorehall

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