The New Mendicants – Into The Lime

My oh my, what a pretty-pop-pizza-pie we have here. The New Mendicants’ “Into The Lime is the debut record by indie-supergroup featuring Joe Pernice, Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), and Mike Belitsky  (The Sadies, Neko Case).  What is a mendicant you’re wondering?  A beggar. If there’s anything of the begging sort going on with this record, it’s that it deserves your attention.

The New Mendicants:  Joe Pernice (L) and Norman Blake (R)Those in the Pernice/Blake-know won’t be disappointed by the 10 songs that make up ‘Lime.’ It’s every bit the sum of its creators parts that you’d expect from them at this point in their career and more.  Fans of classic 60s pop songwriting will also not be disappointed.  The combination of Pernice and Blake’s vocals on 10 songs–whether alone and trading off leads or harmonizing–is what makes this indie supergroup record essential listening in early 2014.

For those unfamiliar and new to the pizza party, how lucky you are to get to know these artists in their prime and travel backwards a decent 25 years to find their work as rewarding and on-par as this recent incarnation.

Song highlights run rampant through out, the record barely taps out at 32 minutes.  However, it’s the deep-cut cover of “By The Time It Gets Dark” by Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention, The Strawbs) with Blake on lead vocal that puts a heart-stopping exclamation point on a near-perfect romantic pop record by The New Mendicants.

Hopefully this isn’t the last thing we’ll hear from Pernice and Blake on their Mendicants debut, “Into The Lime.”  And if it is? Pizza.

Bye bye and pet some puppies,

– Andy Whorehall

Andy Whorehall

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The New Mendicants - Into The LimeAndy Whorehall

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