The Moondoggies – Adios I’m a Ghost

a4ln9sAdios I’m a Ghost  is the third full-length release from Seattle’s Moondoggies.  Following up 2010’s “Tidelands”, a record that broke the band on the national circuit, The Moondoggies have softened up their rock n’ roll edges on Adios without abandoning emotional release (See “A Lot To Give” ) for the sake of creating a record aimed at a appealing to a larger audience.

The reverb is ‘wetter’ compared to the last record ala early My Morning Jacket and fellow north-west music mates, Fleet Foxes, but those comparisons to like-wise bands are not a bad thing because the Moondoggies have created another fantastic full-record worth repeating like Tidelands.  Kevin Murphy’s songs center around being misplaced and out of touch with loved ones, it’s a reoccurring theme amongst travelling bands but the Moondoggies are convincing enough to compete with fellow Americana influences.  Their performance strengths as a live band are captured entirely on Ghost by producer Ryan Hadlock, but with Ghost the Moondoggies have upped the ante with mature compositions like “Stop Signs” without abandoning the rock n’ roll youth of their live show.

Here’s a band that’s travelling familiar American rock territory but they’re not going away anytime soon with records as fully realized as Adios I’m a Ghost.


The Moondoggies – Adios I'm a GhostAndy Whorehall

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