Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s Release Record Club Exclusives


Fans Funding The Chicago-Based Band’s Next Record Receive the First of Many Pledge Rewards

Record labels struggling for marketing ideas should talk to Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s.  After experiencing the major label, marketing fiasco that became 2008’s Animal / Not Animal (Epic), frontman/singer-songwriter, Richard Edwards, relocated his operation to the Windy City. After restructuring the band lineup in favor of a new musical direction and fresh start, the Chicago band self-released 2010’s greatly overlooked Buzzard (Mariel Recordings) on vinyl and CD.  Foregoing the need for old-school label support, distribution and financial backing like many artists today, Margot’s operation took to the internet and touring for funding on an immediate follow-up to 2010’s release. Counting on the generosity and continued interests of a die-hard, fanbase, Margot’s camp has done more to keep fans interests with pledge promises & follow-throughs than any labels would ever fork out or hand over for an artist’s continued support and career development.

width=225The first of many pledge rewards (different pledge amounts result with different audio & video rewards) were released on June 14th, 2011, as Record Club Exclusives Week 1. Amongst the MP3 goodies received were demos, alternate versions, b-sides and videos of Margot’s first show as a band. The Bubbleprick, Blue Collar, Red Letter and Lost At Sea BB are worth the price of a pledge upgrade alone for those reading that are indecisive about spending a few extra dollars. ‘Bubbleprick’ a drugged-out, country-folk confession many unemployed, Midwesterners could connect with, casually proclaims, There’s no jobs anymore, why should I give a damn? It appears that I need one.; while  Somewhere The City Lights Leave Us Blind and Front Porch Song shows off a side of Edward’s writing, younger with a sparse band in tow, that could’ve ended up as Ryan Adams’ Whiskeytown 2.0 instead. The obscurities show off an artistic shift that took shape over the last decade in phases, leading to chamber pop, psych-folk, and old fashioned rock n’ roll.  Also included in the 2 dozen plus goodies pledged on is a live show from Schuba’s, Chicago, 01/23/2009, with Edwards, solo and working out newer songs with Cameron McGill and Ron Kwasman; many which became the core to Buzzard. Production notes were released with the week 1 exclusives as well, containing track-by-track descriptions.

NOTE: There are different tiers of pledging, 19, and not all guarantee what’s mentioned above here, but all are affordable.  Each fan pledge goes towards the production of the band’s next record, still untitled, and being handled by producer, John Congleton.  More importantly, funding for the record is still open for pledging,and yes, the Record Club Exclusives mentioned above are available as pledge rewards—along with more to come.

There’s something pure here for any DIY music fan to invest in; and for those unaware of Margot’s music, pledging blindly, you’re in for a treat.  For this fan’s monies worth, I’ll await the new record’s completion, patiently— but after receiving Margot’s Week 1 exclusives, it’s already paid off.

Help make a record and receive rewards. Please pledge now.


Margot & The Nuclear So And So's Release Record Club ExclusivesAndy Whorehall

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