Kanye West Provides Listeners An Earful of D!ck – Yeezus

After a dozen listens to “Yeezus”, Kanye West’s new record, it now appears to me that the Son of God enjoys women as much as I do with a few major differences I’m going to allow myself to proclaim on behalf of this article. I tend to avoid using these words out loud:  Pussy, titties, ass, dicks in mouths, unless I’m looking for a reaction. Damn it, Kanye–that’s the point with “Yeezus”–so deep. Ungh.

Does the Yeezus love his dick or what?  Who doesn’t love dick?  We all love the dick, right? I love mine. What a romantic hate-fuck record.  I believe this is a love-letter-soundtrack to his dick because that’s all I’ve gathered from listening to it aside from a few “Unghs”, “Gahd!” and “Bams!”.  If only I could mute out his vocals because the rest of it flies by with excitement and paranoia. Ungh.

Kanye-YeezusSchizophrenic polarizing music, noise patterns and samples offset by a coherent mix job makes up for whatever West’s lyrical mania lacks throughout.  Words soaked in sex, booze, drugs, bitterness, bitches and racial slurs, other peoples wives and lady friends (lots of ’em according to the Yeezus), the parties of the rich and famous, name droppings, ass bitings, pussy lickings and a come to or all over you with the Jesus–er, Yeezus.  Yawn.  It’s funny stuff if you’re not offended by an onslaught of neanderthal rhymes. Ungh.

808s was–and still is–the template for his wandering artistic muse however this is dark, misogynistic stuff if you’re listening to him talk, rap, sing, or whatever we call anything he does now–brag?   I’m not sure it’s hip hop as it’s pretty lame writing on his part.  Anyone who enjoys licking pussy, touching titties, biting ass and putting dicks in mouths while taking it out on the man or another man’s wife or his own circle of friends while they’re living high off the hog will love this disaster of a record.  Lyrically that is. Ungh.

It’s a shitty–yet, hilarious–record if you strip this review down to the lyrics alone.  The two dozen other writers he’s working with to come up with first grade nonsense should revoke any participation in the publishing of this record. Maybe a few “pussies” and “dicks” will earn an unknown writer a nice royalty check for writing with Ye?  (I don’t know.)  Maybe that’s the point, don’t listen to West blather on about himself and his penis.   Zero in on the music if you can because it’s worth a few trips. Ungh.

Unlike his most recent grand slams, ‘808s’ and ‘Fantasy’, which attracted an audience to West that became magnetized to his emotional confessions on record with songs that should have alienated him from the masses, this might do it but who’s to say?  The world’s wealthiest individuals are as morally bankrupt as the world’s  least intelligent and financially poorest .  If it doesn’t alienate a sector of his fanbase, then he’s truly locked into the absolute capitalist  grossness that steers modern society away from emotional, artisitic substance and towards mass marketed garbage for the sake of feeding sex-crazed, money and drug fueled peasants more fast-food music to pollute their minds with. Ungh.

“Yeezus” is over-glorified, lyrical nonsense on a mass marketed scale and publications that try to find something deep in it are wasting their time (like I’m doing warning y’all).  It’s a record as deep as the first surface of your skin.  Hold your penis while you pee, feel it, touch your butt, ladies, feel it, hate it, whatever; some of you should love it because I believe women with juicy butts are beautiful.  I like big butts and I cannot lie. There’s nothing much there on the surface of your skin to figure out–like Yeezus–but you’re excited to discover and feel more pride or disgust towards your inner child.  Again, like “Yeezus” in a nutshell. Ungh.

I respect West for whatever he’s trying to do to alienate himself from everyone but creating anti-pop music is nothing new.  (Lou Reed is the master, enough said.)  The formula is easy; make some noise, keep it in rhythm or let it fall apart, record some open air, keep it dense and talk about a dick, your own dick. I’ve been telling my hometown to eat my dick for quite awhile and now I believe here is an artist telling the entire planet to “Eat my dick,” after we’ve paid him royally.

Some of us will continue to eat his dick with the release of “Yeezus” and some of us won’t. Whatever. Two Live Crew and Motley Crüe are wondering why their praise is long overdue after one listen to West’s record. It’s a silly record is all it comes down to and I successfully wasted more of your time on the intardenet if you made it down this far. Ungh.


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Kanye West Provides Listeners An Earful of D!ck – YeezusAndy Whorehall

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