John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts

“Pale Green Ghosts” by ex-Czars, Denver area favorites frontman, John Grant, follows up his 2011 breakthrough solo debut, “Queen of Denmark”, with plenty of heartbreak capped off by ridiculous, soul bearing humor. Guest appearances by Sinead O’ Connor and an ice-cold backdrop of electronic landscapes are combined with warm, organic melodies that allows Grant to turn self-deprecating compositions into oft-funny and witty explorations of a broken hearted man who’s recently suffered from the emotional aftermath of an ex-lover’s sword.

Grant’s self-deprecating humor and vocal delivery saves “Pale Green Ghosts” throughout from turning into another depressing, singer-songwriter record. “I Hate This Town”, “Sensitive New Age Guy” and “GMF” possesses the sort of sardonic, artistic weight that Morrissey / Smiths fans should be be quite content with.

Oh Lord, so bored. To hell with internet reviews. You”ll learn more when you listen more to music without distractions, but you’ll have to read less about music on the intardenet and stop talking above the bands at the bars first.

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John Grant – Pale Green GhostsAndy Whorehall

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