Horrorscopes: 12-06-2010 | Libra

Your flawless intuition & a field of bees.

By Mossy Vaughn & Andrew Whorehall  |  12-06-2010




You’re likely to be feeling revitalized. Are you ready for new experiences and fresh adventures right now?  No worries if you aren’t.  What you’re feeling is false and your intuition is right again!  Check the calendar, there’s a good chance that the feeling you’re having today on 12-06-2010, not tomorrow, is due to the fact it’s a Monday.  You still refuse to accept the basic facts.  In honor of your ability to gut check yourself which others see as an overall lack of confidence you’ll want to do something very stern today to anyone in return that picks up on your self-doubt and defeat.  If you say to a stranger waiting in line at the local Walgreens, I don’t think the 12 pack of toilet paper is on sale, my instincts are warning you, be prepared in return.  The stranger may react with, Excuse me?  How would you know? If you’re lucky they will admit doubt too, Hmmm, yes, I guess we’ll see!  Libra, your flawless intuition allows you to control others destinies & overall happiness even if you can’t do such for yourself.

Listen to people around you breathe, their vocal tones and by all means necessary, try and avoid eye contact.  Doing such can disrupt your ability to predict their inevitable fate making your flawless intuition a thing of human error.  If you realize sooner than later that your flawless intuition is indeed ‘flawed,’ you’ll really feel like having fun instead— so play with yourself today!  Enable yourself through self-exploration to escape your usual routine. Now don’t be afraid to get out there. Put on some heavy cologne, (Drakkar) & run through a field of female bees naked.  If you’re lucky your instincts will fail you and the bees will be male, thus rendering an absent sting. Ok?  Ok.



{Mossy Vaughn made a blueberry bagel this morning from scratch using the dough his wife prepared for him & the frozen blueberries he picked along the beautiful Rock River this past July. / Andrew Whorehall hung out on Friendster.com reconnecting with his long lost Phillipino friends. – SMS Ed.}

Horrorscopes: 12-06-2010 | LibraAndy Whorehall