Happy Ktwanzachristnukkahmass: For the Good Times, by Kris Kristofferson


You know you’ve written a great holiday song if children & women sing it in unison.  For the Good Times, written by Kris Kristofferson in 1970,  is not that song.  It’s devastatingly beautiful.  It was originally written for Ray Price, who made it a hit; and then many others came knocking on double K’s door to cover it.  Al Green, Johnny Cash, Bobby Bare, Loretta Lynn, Elvis Presley and many more — because Kris Kristofferson is a walkin, talkin, actin, singin and writin, American landmark.

You’re not going to catch your little brats rummaging through their gifts under the tree thinking they’re getting that new video game they asked for while humming this heartbreaker around the holidays; but you might catch Mommy or Daddy ,alone, reminiscing about that one time everyone sat around the table together singing, Frosty The Snowman.  Once, a long time ago, it was perfectly recorded by The Ronettes for Phil Spector’s amazing, 1963, Christmas Record. Before Mommy and Daddy’s divorce, or Phil’s handgun problem.

I’ll supply booze & tunes but bring your own food.
Happy Ktwanzachristnukkahmass,

AW | andy whorehall


The Whorehalls’ Holiday Play Mix Suggestions For You & Yours:


Happy Ktwanzachristnukkahmass: For the Good Times, by Kris KristoffersonAndy Whorehall

9 comments on "Happy Ktwanzachristnukkahmass: For the Good Times, by Kris Kristofferson"

  1. scrabblesmackenzie on

    Beautiful. Great Christmas mix too. Nice job of recognizing Jedi Kristofferson's songwriting chops too. As you'd say, "He's a dime among pennies."

    • Scrabbles-
      "to beat the devil" kicks off "Kristofferson" and that song is perfect for the Easter mix. Yes, he's a jedi. Many of these records I extracted songs from on this list were gifts over the years sent to me by another jedi in another state who likes to fuel my A.D.D. with musical goodies- especially around the American holidays season. If you learned anything I hope you learned that Kristofferson, Muppets and Fahey go great with booze, whores and balloons. Bringing back the word whore since 1973. They get a bad rap, work hard and make little money. Around The Whorehalls' Household we prefer to celebrate the backbone of our degenerative society by acknowledging my fellow whores around the holidays. We deserve it, we are the best at what we do and bending over for a majority of white men, banks, republic*nts and democants is getting real old. Black Friday & Cyber Monday can't save your country Scrabbles. "For the good times." Cheers.

      Happy Ktwanzachristnukkahmass™ Mr. Srabbles!

      • Hmm…ahem. Yes. Whores should have their place. Yes. Let us also take the time to focus on perhaps the greatest Christmas album of all time, "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas" soundtrack. No songs about Jesus, but all kinds of songs about BBQ and hillbilly life. All thanks to another master, brother Jim Henson, who went on to a better place all too early because he knew that the world was getting a little too surly!

  2. I know where you live, set a date. Also I'm gonna break the rule about presents but here's a hint — she goes by "Chardonnay" because she thought it sounded higher-rent than her mama's favorite drink.

  3. What is mama's favorite drink?

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