Grateful for Gershwin

Thank you, all of you, for talking about nothing, loudly, and for the football or the flu.

A day of thanks, a day  remembered that whitey (pilgrims) kinda set up the Indians for a century plus of epidemic genocide with an offering of peace in the early 1600s. Oh let us give thanks for the diseases, and warfare tactics, delivered from across the seas to what was the Native American Indian’s home.  Thanksgiving, sort of their Last Meal. Lest we forget our own American history, your welcome.

Now, gather round peasants, update your facebook, tweet your fellow minions- today is the day you tell the world how much you are grateful for your family and friends before enjoying a slice of moist turkey, pie, some football and people talking at once about anything and nothing. Many of you will share the day with 1,2, maybe 3 families; and if you’re lucky, you won’t get sick. Take your airborne today, prepare for the bacteria, the coughing, beware of smiles and laugh on the faces of babies and children for they are the prime carriers for bacteria , the men are just tired and happy enough to not be at work if they even have a job to enjoy a day off from, the women are going to tell you they ate too much all day long (that’s not what they do best, but we men will argue them failingly, no you’re not, eat more, honey, it’s 1 day.  It’s a blast to pretend.  It’s only one day, take your airborne.

Thanksgiving Day, it’s my favorite day; but I am not thankful for people.  That’s a cliche many minions are sharing with each other on their facebook pages today, at the dinner table on their mobile phones. Many are telling the truth, many are lying. I’d be lying to you if I succumbed to that sick behavior.  Music is the most consistent gift on earth I can be thankful about.  I have no work without music, or the people who make music.

I am more thankful for music as each turn of the earth collides with other peoples daily presence.  There are many reasons why but the basics are obvious:  Music never dies, people do. Music at it’s worst can only influence more bad music (See Pearl Jam, then see Creed, the similarities are horrifying); and that is still much better than awful people creating more people, little buggers, with the same potential to be just as awful as their elders. Bad music is more enjoyable than bad people; laughing is a positive human reaction to enjoy with bad music.  Bad people only make bad emotions, and sometimes actions. Music doesn’t fight for land, possession of more stuff- material, fucking garbage like speedboats and summer homes.  Music is present 24/7, it doesn’t need people to be performed; see wind, rain, thunder, lighting, water.  It’s everywhere, you’re never alone; and when you need a breather from it, there’s power buttons, volume controls and occasionally a mute button.  People don’t come with any of these options, which is why many people suck the air out of me.

I am very grateful for music and the people who make it; it’s helped me block out people with their talking, poor grammar, bad breath, bacteria and blah, blah, blah. Music has been very good to me.

It can be very good to you, too, but mankind’s a little behind in the listening department.  Here’s a little song to assist a few of you through this very ironic, relaxing holiday. It’s a rhythm, melody best often played in your head to survive the pit-patter bullshit and distractions of this wonderful day: the football, the TV, the combative conversations, children screaming and people being people. This song can, will, help you smile, pretend to listen when you aren’t. Sit there, do it; listen.

I am very grateful for Gershwin’s original piano rolls, no need to talk about it. Now go on, Monkeys, have a nice day!

AW  | Andy Whorehall

Grateful for GershwinAndy Whorehall

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  1. Beautiful piece. Further reading suggestion: Gershwin Remembered by Edward Jablonski.
    Brilliant man with incredibly bad luck. Andy, I too will put on So Am I or An American in Paris from the Piano Rolls to remind me that life can be sweet and sassy and a little brassy.

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