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  1. Episode 7: St. Pat Songs About Stuff & Things Podcast

Flags of British Truths & Irish Sobrieties are Flying High with Andy and Reggie on Episode 7, St. Pat!

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Episode Summary: 03-19-2012
St. Pat is the 7th episode of Andy & Reggie’s Songs About Stuff & Things Radio Hour. Most of the songs selected have nothing to do with St. Patrick because Palladius himself (St. Pat) wasn’t irish.  Songs by Dean Martin, Mos Def, Olivia Tremor Control and more assist Reggie and Andy as they attempt to educate or alienate listeners with the truth about St. Patrick’s Day. Thom Derby stops by to talk, but isn’t sponsoring this show because he believes in celebrating Capitalism, not Christianity, due to the fact that St. Pat wasn’t Irish.  He advises everyone to order orange beer in honor of his company, Derby | Reynolds.

Episode 7 Playlist: St. Pat

  1. That’s Amore – Dean Martin
  2. Ol’ Joe McDonald Shot His Friends In The Back For Being Liars; & Then Reminded The Town Drunks That St. Pat Wasn’t Irish – Jojo Wrinkles & The Velvet Underground
  3. Greenbacks – Ray Charles
  4. Italian Leather Sofa – Cake
  5. War – Mos Def
  6. Golden Hair – Syd Barrett
  7. Green Typewriters (Parts 1 – 10) – Olivia Tremor Control
  8. Irish Blood, English Heart – Morrissey
  9. St. Patrick’s Hymn – John Fahey

Episode 7 Credits
Created & Produced by: Andy Whorehall
Executive Producer: Jojo Wrinkles
Written by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Jojo Wrinkles
Song Selections by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Jojo Wrinkles
Guest Narratives: Thomas Derby
Voicemail Winner: This subject wasn’t interesting enough for the minions to call or write in their song selection votes, which is sad, because everyone was probably drunk or celebrating drunk history with their fellow peasants.
Episode Shoutouts: Jojo Wrinkles, Romans, Brits, Scots and to all people who deserve a holiday to drink to as well.
Episode Thank Yous: Jojo Wrinkles

St. PatAndy Whorehall

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