Candy Golde | Wilco, Cheap Trick, & Eleventh Dream Day members form Windy City Supergroup


Nick Tremulis, Bun E. Carlos, John Stirratt, and Rick Rizzo have gathered their chops to form the first worthy Chicago area, veteran indie, supergroup, since… well… you tell us. (Golden Smog does not count.)


This is all kinds of hell yeahs n’ hail naws for 4 reasons:

1) Nick Tremulis, a long time member on the Chicago scene has always had a great band backing him, but now he has a chance to show others outside this Midwestern region what many of us have known for a very long time.  The rest of you, dare to be different hipsters, filing in from the Wilco and Trickster fan base are gonna get educated via Candy Golde on the big Nick. Tremulis is a bad ass, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and windy city treasure; a walking, talking, teaching, performing legend.

2) Bun E. Carlos. Finally.  The only (ex?)member of Cheap Trick worth having a beer with to discuss the trials and tribulations of being in a rock band that’s specialized at one thing for a very long time- playing live and that’s about it.  Carlos’ knowledge of all genres- soul, blues, folk, country, pop & punk is truly remarkable for a man who had to keep his mouth shut in a band that’s never progressed beyond 1979 in the studio.  The best thing about Cheap Trick ‘replacing’ Carlos is this opportunity to do the band with other respected veteran musicians wanting to show off their chops, and a little bit of music history.  Three cheers for Bun.

3) Rick Rizzo. Eleventh Dream Day is one of the great, lost, Chicago rock bands. As important as the previous two musicians listed above to the midwest music scene but possibly more overlooked in the Chicago scene because of bad timing and poor major label handling in the late 80s and early 90s. Despite typical results that befitted most bands signed to be the new big thing in the late 80s, Rizzo and his band mates went on to redefine the sound of Chicago rock, while proudly carrying the windy city’s, working-class, indie rock torch.

4)  John Stirratt. The youngest of the 4 Midwestern, elder statesmen.  Do we need to talk about John? Yes. We all should. If there’s any heart left in Wilco after a decade of breezy releases and dad-rock, cop out cuts, it’s John.  John is the heart and soul of Wilco. The floating weight on a comfy cruise ship gone temporarily astray (The Album); often saving his best moments in the 2000s for The Autumn Defense. John is a great songwriter, co-pilot and musician.  This is another, perfect, escape for Stirratt- and he’s still amongst Chicago’s finest & most respected musicians without having to sacrifice much but time.

width=300This is Candy Golde.

A 5-song E.P, 10 record & download, is being released by Ten O Nine Records; 4 originals and 1 cover, a Paul Simon tune. They will also make an appearance at SXSW.  More information can be obtained as this Chicago supergroup unfolds more details at their website, and facefoot page.

AW | andy whorehall

SMS Ed. Note: It’s been called to our attention that another great, veteran, Chicago area musician, Mark Greenberg, teamed up with Candy Golde to record.  Greenberg is one of Rizzo’s members in Eleventh Dream Day and a member of longtime, Lounge Ax (legendary rock club on Lincoln that closed a decade ago) favorites, The Coctails.  Greenberg has been involved as a session player on many great Chicago area recordings by Wilco, Edith Frost, and Archer Prewitt, to name a very few. – AW

Candy Golde | Wilco, Cheap Trick, & Eleventh Dream Day members form Windy City SupergroupAndy Whorehall

5 comments on "Candy Golde | Wilco, Cheap Trick, & Eleventh Dream Day ..."

  1. alexdangerstewart on

    This is exciting.

  2. jojowrinkles on

    I hadn't heard anything about this. This is a super group worth getting excited about. Stirrat should leave Wilco and work with people like this more often. I'm still waiting for album #2 from him and his sister. That was a very underrated record.

    On another note: I didn't know that Bun E. was dropped from Cheap Trick…when did this happen and why? Losers.

    • Well, he wasn’t “dropped,” but, he’s not their touring drummer. Being that Cheap Trick is more known & respected for being a great, live touring, rock n’ roll band rather than a studio band- take that however you will.

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