Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam

Best of 2016

Rather than focus on the complete albums I listened to and enjoyed the most in 2016, I thought it be best to share some fantastic songs with you from those records—as if my opinion matters. (Listen, I know most of you eat shit, listen to shit, and don’t have any fucks left to give. Whatever.)

I can easily state that Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam’s record kinda ruled over the living room vinyl needle spinner and every streaming device between work and home since its release. The opening song, “A 1000 Times,” is one of the most romantic, unabashed pop-rock songs I’ve heard in awhile. Everything about the song—it’s production, performances and lyrics, including the accompanying video featuring Leithauser and Rostam’s fathers performing as their elder selves—is solid gold, and a reminder of how sugary-sweet-and-still-snarly rock n’ roll can be in the right hands.

Lastly, I have such little hope that most of you will wake up to give a shit about anything other than yourselves in 2017. History has proven that your primary interests are rooted in ignorance and cultural mind litter. So, go on:  put up your feet, tweet, do internet, and enjoy The Voice.

Enjoy yourselves (I know you will) and pet puppies,

Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam
“A 1000 Times,” from the album, I Had A Dream That You Were Mine.

Johnny Emerald the IIIrd, featuring Willard Hunter
“Would You Follow Me,” from the album, Johnny Emerald The IIIrd Presents Songs For The City I Sleep With.

La Historia
“Please Do,” from the album, Low Mimetic.

Ben Bedford
“Letters From The Earth,” from the album, The Pilot and The Flying Machine.

Handsome Family
“The Silver Light,” from the album, Unseen.

John Doe
“A Little Help,” featuring Chan Marshall, from the album, The Westerner.

Sturgill Simpson
“Breakers Roar,” from the album, A Sailor’s Guide To Earth.

James Blake
“f.o.r.e.v.e.r.,” from the album, The Colour in Anything.

Trapper Schoepp
“Lost Cowboy,” from the album, Rangers & Valentines.

The Nice Lords
“Oh Kallie O,” from the album, Kill ‘Em With Kindness.

“Happiness,” from the album, Schmilco.

Pink Beam
“Jamie,” from the album, Big Vacation.

Aaron Lee Tasjan
“Little Movies,” from the album, Silver Tears.

Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts
“Tongue Tied,” from the album, Heavy Metal.

Fleetwood Mac
“That’s Alright” from the remastered album, Mirage.

Chance The Rapper
“Same Drugs,” from the album, Coloring Book.

The Head and The Heart
“False Alarm” (originally written by Matt Hopper and The Roman Candles), from the album, Signs of Light.

Tribe Called Quest
“We The People… ,” from the album, Thank You 4 Your Service.

Kacey Musgraves
“Christmas Don’t Be Late” (Originally performed by Dave with Alvin and the Chipmunks), from the album, A Very Kacey Christmas.

Trevor Menear
“Faces,” from the album, Love May Be.

Best of 2016Andy Whorehall

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