Acid House Kings – Music Sounds Better With You

width=300Twee-pop purveyors return after a 6 year hiatus.
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Sweden’s  Acid House Kings return with their 5th full length recording since 1991.  AHK has specialized in timely delays between recordings; Joakim Ödlund along with founders, the AngergÃ¥rd brothers often take years between recordings to fine tune complete pop productions.  Music Sounds Better Sounds Better With You began production in 2007 but plays like a 90s indie-pop artifact just in time for spring-summer.

Fans missing the days of Isobell Campbell-era Belle & Sebastian will find much to love about AHK’s Music Sounds Better Sounds Better With You.  Windshield, Would You Say Stop?, Under Water and (I’m in) a Chorus Line are carried by Julia Lannerheim’s vocal over the first half of the record.  Vocals are the twee foil on MSBWY but repeated listening rewards are in the production details.  Johnny Marr’s influenced guitar jangle on the opener’s lonely bridge breakdown under the vocal’s chamber echo;  the playful, tinkering piano that opens up (I’m in) a Chorus Line before giving way to a colorful bass line;  Francis, my favorite Macaque, yelling for a six pack of fresh banana beer from the jungle’s tallest tree in-between the flamenco influenced acoustic guitar and handclaps on the Bryan Maclean (Love) inspired Where Have We Been?;  the easy, quick, duet do-do-dos on There is Something Beautiful.  The rewards are in the details.

There’s no disguising these are twee pop compositions made perfect by one of the genre’s most influential, longest running and most under-appreciated bands; but the record’s repeat punchlines are delivered in tiny, sugary packets between verses and choruses where the production takes a short break, and the air takes over.  It’s there that the Acid House Kings’ soft vocals echo and the jingle-jangles of lonely instruments linger a bit allowing Music Sounds Better With Yous winter soul to shine through.  There’s enough labor of love evident here on MSBWY to last Acid House Kings another 5-6 years before the next record- but they’ve proven with this release, less can be more.



Acid House Kings - Music Sounds Better With YouAndy Whorehall

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