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Oh, hi.  Here we go again, 2012, another best of list.  Sock Monkey Sound would like to thank our writers first for keeping us rolling along when our small staff couldn’t, and to our five readers and eight listeners second for… whatever you guys are doing on the internets, keep it up and thank yous! Here in all of it’s internet glory is the abbreviated version of 2012’s best of whatever (albums, singles, foods, movies, anything goes, etc.) list—or a lack of—by our current contributing writers. Links to full articles by the writers below.

Thank you for being who you are; we’ll see you all in the internet in 2013.


e’s Best of 2012
Read e’s full-list article here.


Ryan’s Best of 2012
Read Ryan’s full-list article here.


Andy Whorehall’s Best of 2012’s Stuff and Things
Read Andy’s full-list article here, or listen to free Best of 2012 related podcast episodes below.
Episode 13, Part 1 of 2012’s Best, aired in July:
American BBQ Best of 2012 So Far Summer Special
Episode 17, Part 2 of 2012’s Best aired in December:
Father John Misty and the Rest of The Best of 2012 


Just The Tip Top
By Alex Danger Stewart  – Read Danger’s full list article, click here.


Best of 2012 – Kendrick Lamar, GOOD Kid, M.A.A.D. City
By Patrick Delehanty  – Read PD’s full article, click here.


The Best Albums I Didn’t Review in 2012
By Joseph Goral – Read JG’s full article here.


Sam’s Top 5 Albums of 2012
By Sam Rashid – Read SR’s full article here.


Darth Gustafson’s Tops List
By Mark Gustafson

Album: Blunderbuss – Jack White
Single: Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine
Live: Arctic Monkey/ Black Keys
TV Show: Dr. Who
Movie: press pause play
Play: Rockford College – Way of the World
iPad App: Reccheck
BluRay: Star Wars 1-6

the michael bolton

Best of 2012 - Staff SelectionsAndy Whorehall

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